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Discover first hand knowledge about the events leading up to the JFK ASSASSINATION, starting with the discovery of nuclear missiles in CUBA and a series of assassination plots of other world leaders. Dr. Mármol begins to unravel that thread in an attempt to discover the full plan, culminating with a meeting with Jacob Leon Rubenstein—better known to his friends as Jack Ruby.
In this volume, the reader is transported back to 1960, where newly minted master spy Julio Antonio del Mármol begins his career by stealing the briefcase of Che Guevara...
from out of the military compound, he suddenly finds his activity catapulting him to the status of the most wanted spy in all of Cuba. Realizing this, the men responsible for his training accelerate their program, testing him to the utmost limits of human psychological endurance. Compelled by these circumstances as well as those of his daily secret life to mature quickly, he develops a relationship with a childhood friend, Yaneba, deeper than convention would strictly allow for their age. The accelerated training steadied his nerves when Che summarily executed his most trustworthy man, merely based on the wildest of suspicions, splattering the youth with the brains and blood of the unfortunate man and stinging his face with shards of skull.

By an odd twist of destiny, he is with Guevara during an assassination attempt, and instinctively saves the Argentine’s life. This deepens and cements the relationship Che desires with the impressive young man, and either by Guevara’s side or as a direct consequence of his association with the man, young Julio Antonio witnesses some truly revolting things: black market harvesting of organs of those executed by the firing squads, the secret construction of nuclear submarine and missile bases, and the sinister plans to sever the close ties between the Cuban people and the United States by sacrificing thousands of civilian lives by destroying a ship in the Port of Havana. 
To complicate matters...
for the young spy, he discovers at the heart of that particular plot is a close friend of his and the friend’s father—and to protect himself and the others working with him, he cannot breathe a word of caution to his own friend! He also uncovers a hint of a series of assassination plots of world leaders, and begins to unravel that thread in an attempt to discover the full plan, culminating with a meeting with Jacob Leon Rubenstein—better known to his friends as Jack Ruby.
meet the man behind the book
Dr. Julio Antonio del Mármol
Dr. del Mármol became the youngest commander in the Cuban Revolution at the age of 12. In this position, he was a part of Fidel's inner circle, and saw firsthand the plans that the Castro's and "Che" Guevara himself, had for the island of Cuba. 

By 13, he had become a spy in Castro’s regime, taking secrets from Fidel’s personal office, and providing that intel to the freedom fighters of the world. He remained undetected for the next ten years. 

When his cover was blown in 1971, he was forced to flee the island and has carried on his fight for freedom on a global scale as an international spy. He became the most-hunted spy in all of Cuba, code-named by Castro himself as "The Lightning."

"As a member of the intelligence community for most of my life, I can assure you without any doubt that the way Dr. del Mármol describes in this book is exactly how the events unfolded." 
- "O'Brien"
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"A great read!"
Review By Amazon Customer
This book is very timely in light of all that's going on In Cuba right now… The relationship between Cuba and the United States seems to be Thawing a bit. This book will change your opinion on that topic no doubt. A great read!!
Review By Dr. Roehl de Leon, DC
Fascinating and engrossing accounts of Dr. Julio Antonio Del Marmol's memoirs redefines not only the historical aspect of Cuban/US relations, but also sheds some light into the inner workings of governmental intelligence services. Presented with factual documentations and photographs makes the book even more compelling on how one views historical events, past, present and future.

This book will keep you hanging and wondering what he will endure next. Some of the stories will compel you to keep reading, and others will shock you into near denial! You’ll never look at the Nazi-style regime of Cuba the same ever again!

This spy-action-thriller delivers! I can’t believe how it ends!

Brett Gillilan

"I love stories based on true events. These books definitely have to be on my shelf! I'm sucked into what I'm reading right now and I'm only in the first chapter! He seems like quite the man to know! Meeting (Dr. del Mármol) will be on my bucket list."

Brianna Pavlas

Wow! Its been so long, old school Clancy I think, since I really read a book about the Cold War that kept me gripped to the page. The pictures and documents along side the story did a great job of putting you in his shoes. A must read if you like spies, the Cold War, or political thrillers!!!!

Robert Lukowiak
What is Cuba: The Truth, The lies, and the Coverups •
A Quick look inside •
Cuba: The Truth, The Lies, and The Coverups is not just another book about the events leading up to the JFK assassination.  Dr. del Mármol was an active participant in these events and has shocking first hand knowledge
Look through the eyes of a Master Spy as shocking events unfold:
  • “No, I have schematics, maps, graphics, routes, dates and places, weapon receipts and deliveries, the caliber of the weapons they have used and for those they plan to use in those assassinations, and much more.”
  • The Cuban government was in no doubt that the United States had to have a spy placed with them somewhere through the classified information they had obtained from Soviet intelligence that the US had suspicions that the USSR was transporting nuclear missiles to Cuba.  
  • Che Guevara is a secret agent of none other than the...
Page 6. I had been taking pictures in San Cristobol of the first boxes of missiles that had arrived from the Soviet Union
Page 74: Commandantico with Fidel Castro
Page 33. After I got Che’s personal diary, I took out first the documents that said in bold red letters “Top Secret Classified Operation”
Page 117. “Mucho gusto—Jacob Leon Rubenstein, but my closest friends call me Jack Ruby.”
The story details seemingly unbelievable and undoubtedly controversial events surrounding the blueprints to create communist revolutions, spread corruption, and commit assassinations too outrageous to be fiction.
Dr. Julio antonio del mármol - cuban lightning enterprises, llc - Copyright @ 2016 - all rights reserved